LIFE Groups at the Kingwood Church of Christ seek to provide an intentional place and time for a small group of believers to grow in their Love for each other through a time of Involvement in each other’s lives and Fellowship together while encouraging additional growth through Evangelism.  

Many of our groups enjoy the intimacy and warmth of meeting in homes, while a few, especially those with children involved in a Sunday night program, take advantage of the convenience of meeting in a room at the building.  Most groups meet on Sunday nights, but there are those that, for different reasons, meet sometime during the week.  No matter where or when, our LIFE Groups are a safe and encouraging place for you to grow closer to God as you walk with other believers.
If you would like to join a Life Group, contact our elder over Life Groups, Josh Costen.


The men and women that lead LIFE Groups are the heart of this key part of our Church Family.  While our leaders are essential, it doesn’t have to be a burden or, even require a large time commitment.  Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about what is involved in being a group leader.

Frequently Asked Questions About Leading A Group

  • What is needed to be a good LG Leader? An effective LG leader is not what many people think it is. 

                  An effective LIFE Group leader is NOT necessarily:

                       1. A Bible Class Teacher

                       2. A Bible Scholar

                       3. The Most Popular Person

                       4. A Dominator

                       5. An Extrovert

                 An effective LIFE Group Leader IS:

                       1. A Facilitator

                       2. An Encourager

                       3. A Delegator

                       4. A Friend

                       5. A Manager

                       6. A Listener

  • Do I have to host the group I lead in my home?  No. Your group is encouraged to meet in a place that is comfortable for your group.  You can rotate homes or, if you have a willing member with a convenient home, you can meet there.  Also, while we encourage our groups to meet away from the building, some groups find it helpful to reserve a room there. 
  • Do I have to provide the food? No. In fact, you don’t have to share a meal at all.  However, if your group chooses to, each member can chip in on the meal, bring their own meal, or the host family can provide it if they like. 
  • As a LG Leader, am I responsible for every part of our group? No. In fact, every member is encouraged to have a responsibility in the group. These responsibilities can be things such as: keeping the prayer list, organizing the meeting or meal, keeping attendance, following up with visitors.
  • Do I need to be a good teacher to be a LG Leader? No. Actually, you don’t need to be a teacher at all because you are not being asked to teach a class or prepare a lesson.  Your role is to lead and facilitate discussion and guide a healthy group.
  • I’ve never led a group before. Is that OK?  Absolutely.  Every leader, experienced or not, goes through a thorough training designed to equip you to lead a healthy group.  In fact, first-timers can be some of the most effective leaders because it can be easier to start off creating good habits.


We strive to keep our leaders equipped and encouraged through intentional support such as:

  • Leader Training: All our leaders go through a training so that they have the tools to facilitate a healthy, vibrant group and to make sure our LIFE Groups share a unified vision and purpose.
  • Leader Luncheons: Every quarter we get together and host a LIFE Group Leader Luncheon after worship.  This is a time to network with other leaders and get essential updates on our LIFE Groups, as well as, celebrate the ways God is working in our groups.
  • Leader Newsletter: A short, monthly newsletter is provided to our leaders with updates and articles on current LIFE group issues so leaders can continue to grow.
If you would like to become a Life Group leader, please contact Josh Costen at
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