About Kingwood Church of Christ

The Kingwood Church of Christ was established in 1972 in the home of John and Dalphene Bruton. Through the work in this community and the help of several sister congregations, KWCOC grew quickly and steadily, eventually migrating into an office building and then the Foster Elementary cafeteria. Blessed by God, the church purchased property and moved to its current location in the heart of Kingwood in 1975.

Even in those early days, the Kingwood church focused on touching lives both locally and abroad, being especially known for their support of orphans and missionary works in Thailand and Venezuela. Early leadership included W.T. Reynolds, John Bruton, and Floyd Campbell as elders, with Carl Power accepting a preaching position in 1975. Bob Ethington became the preacher in 1991 and Scott Thibodeaux became the preacher in 2011.

Today, while many of our members live in Kingwood proper, others live in several of the surrounding communities, including Atascocita, Humble, Porter, and Cleveland. The church, currently, has approximately 400 active members and is served by seven elders and 22 deacons. We also employ preaching, youth, and children ministers, as well as, administrative support staff.

Over the years, the church has encountered significant and, at times, challenging transitions impacting leadership, membership, and facilities. Despite inevitable change, the one thing that remains the same is the desire to reach out to others with the message of salvation!